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EFFECTIVE July 10, 2017, this will become a part-time business normally operated outside of normal business hours; once a permanent schedule had been determined, the new business days and hours will be posted on this Website. Calls will frequently be returned after normal business hours.


Contact Information:
(Messages and emails are normally answered 7 days a week)
Phone / Text Messaging: 281-639-0026
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NFA Investments no longer commercially offers firearm transfer services (Title I or NFA).

Gunsmithing Service Fees:

Generally, gunsmithing services are billed at a rate of $75.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum.  This includes engraving and repairs / customizing. Shop supplies, such as ammunition for testing and evaluating weapons, will be charged in addition to the hourly rates.

Most gunsmithing services will require your weapon(s) to be left as policy is generally not work on customers weapons while they wait unless there are extenuating circumstances such as duty weapons in the case of law enforcement officers. The exception to this is standard firearm engraving on stripped AR15 type receivers can normally be done “while you wait.” Hours of operation are by appointment only on most weekday evenings; there is no storefront where customers can stop in and “browse.” Turnaround time is usually between 24 and 48 hours and may even be the same day in some cases. As this is a part-time vocation and is not my primary occupation, my schedule can be erratic. I will always try and work with you to get the work done as soon as possible.  

Barrel threading: AK47 (7.62-39 ONLY) barrels are a flat  $50.00 for threading in 14-1 LH metric; the threads will be suitable for flash hiders only and are NOT suitable for silencer use. For weapons such as the AR15 or 10/22, dismounted (stripped) barrels are generally threaded in industry standard English threads from $100.00 for straight, untapered “bull” barrels; this threading is suitable for silencer use. If the barrel needs to be removed from the action or receiver, a minimum of $25.00 will be charged (standard hand guards); exotic rail systems need to have been removed prior to sending the weapon to NFA Investments.  For hard to remove barrels, such as those installed with chemical locking compounds, hourly shop rates may apply. Turnaround time is usually between 24 and 48 hours and may even be the same day in some cases. 


Engraving services: Standard engraving, such required information from Form 1 applications (Maker’s name, city, and state), are generally engraved from $60.00 on aluminum and polymer; Carbon steel and Stainless steel receivers may have a slight increased cost due to both the longer time it takes to engrave these hard surfaces as well as accelerated wear to the engraving bits. Price is based on a standard of two lines of text; there is an additional $10.00 fee for adding a third line, such as the phrase “REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST”  now includes up to three lines of text – no additional fee for longer named trusts. All engraving is deep cut on a manual rotary engraving pantograph machine up to a depth of .015″, and is normally cut between .012″ and .015″ deep on aluminum or polymer; on steel, cutting depth is generally between .005″ and .009″ deep. This depth allows the weapon to be refinished with a variety of finishes which could obliterate or conceal more shallow engraving (ATF only requires .003″ deep, about the same as a sheet of notebook paper).  Lettering is normally blackened at no charge upon customer request. The preferred method of getting customers’ weapons to NFA Investments for engraving is via UPS Ground service; shipped items will normally be returned in the same manner. Appointments can be scheduled on most weekday evenings to have these items engraved WHILE YOU WAIT. Service is also available via UPS or FedEx normally same day or next business day turnaround time; estimated UPS Ground service shipping charges for most engraved items are between $15.00 and $20.00 which is in addition to the cost of engraving. FedEx and USPS are also available if requested, and you may opt to include a prepaid return shipping label if you wish. NFA Investments strives to have the best quality engraving service with the quickest turnaround time in the industry. NFA Investments has been offering this service for over 10 years.

Posted prices are subject to change and do not include any return shipping, if applicable.


Brokering fees are general 10% of the sale price of the item or items being sold. This includes all Title I weapons as well as Title II weapons.

Assistance with paperwork: 

There is no fee assist customers with completing / processing Title II paperwork for weapons being transferred by NFA Investments.  For assistance with Form 1 paperwork, NFA Investments will assist with ATF paperwork for $50.00 per weapon.

Assistance with paperwork: LLC and Corporate

Please contact attorney Sean Cody at Texas Gun Trusts for assistance. NFA Investments does NOT provide legal advice, counsel, or guidance with setting up Corporations, Trusts, or LLC’s, or with any specific paperwork associated with these entities.

Cancellations / Refunds

Payment is due up-front for all work. Once a firearm has been left at / shipped to NFA Investments for service, transfer, or for purchase, there will be a non-refundable $25.00 fee for any services cancelled prior to the work being completed;  if the weapons involved are NFA weapons, the non-refundable fee will increase to $65.00. These fees are necessary as it takes time to enter firearms in and out of logbooks per ATFE requirements. These fees also apply to anyone canceling a NFA weapon purchase from NFA Investments once any NFA forms have been prepared by NFA Investments for the purchaser.


On Title II transfers, a storage fee may be charged at a rate of $15.00 per month for transfers taking over 120 days from the date of receipt of the weapon by NFA Investments.

** NFA Investments is not, nor is represented to be, an accountant or other financial advisor.  For any questions or concerns regarding a LLC or Corporation, please contact your financial or legal advisor.

State and local sales tax is collected on all taxable transactions.