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Welcome to, the Graphic Arts Engraving service of NFA Investments.

EFFECTIVE July 10, 2017, this will become a part-time business normally operated outside of normal business hours; once a permanent schedule had been determined, the new business days and hours will be posted on this Website. Calls will frequently be returned after normal business hours.


I am excited to announce that NFA Investments is no longer limited to only text engraving. Designs, logos, badges, etc. can now be digitized in house, then CNC machined into suitable metal engraving dies where the images can then be precisely cut into your firearms or whatever items you need engraved.  It is like getting tattoos for your guns!


The CNC machine is not used to directly engrave firearms as the CNC sees only XYZ coordinates and cannot detect curves, recesses, low spots, or other imperfections in the surface of whatever object is being engraved. By using a scalable pantograph engraving machine, the engraving is much more precise as the cutter head follows the surface of the item being engraved much like a razor follows skin when cutting hairs. Yes, this process does take longer but I feel that it is well worth the extra time involved.

I have started creating some of my own dies which can be used to engrave your firearms. If an existing die is used, the cost is a flat $60 on aluminum; steel will be slightly more expensive. If you want a new die created from your logo or badge, the cost for the first unit will run $100 engraved and each subsequent unit will cost the regular $60. Volume discounts can be offered including waiver of the extra fee ($40 of the $100) which covers digitizing your design. Engraving dies can be cut up to 10″ by 14″ large; the pantograph can scale from 1/2 down to 1/7 of the size of the original die. In other words, everything can be scaled to fit your individual project. As with the text engraving, depth can be set up to .020″ deep – deep enough that the item can be refinished or color filled with paint.  If you have a design which you feel others may be interested in, I may be able to create a master die from your design and waive the additional cost. Send me an email to to inquire.

Here are some of the dies which are currently available to be cut on customer’s firearms; note that the size of these images can be scaled and is designed to fit on the magazine well of a standard AR15 type lower receiver. Please note that law enforcement logos bearing the name of any agency are restricted use and are not available to the general public and only with proper identification.

Known copyrighted images will not be engraved without an affidavit stating that you are authorized to have the item engraved, that you have permission to make the request, and that this business has your permission to assist you with the project. All images and artwork digitized become property of this business. With the exception of selling master dies for other companies wanting an engraving plate made of their own logo, engraving plates and dies are not for sale. You may, however, purchase the design cut into wood.

For additional information, please call or text 281-639-0026, or send an email to Most engraving can be scheduled for “while you wait” service; as I am also an FFL, you can also ship for what is usually next day service.

This business is located in Conroe, just North of the Woodlands in the Houston area. Business hours are by appointment only and there is no storefront.